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2: Southern California was engulfed by Tropical Storm Hilary, leaving roads submerged and cars stranded. Watch the shocking videos that capture the extent of the destruction.

3: Tropical Storm Hilary wreaked havoc on Southern California, resulting in roads submerged under water. Abandoned cars serve as a grim reminder of the storm's devastating force.

4: Devastation unfolded in Southern California as Tropical Storm Hilary hit the region. Stranded vehicles and flooded roads paint a harrowing picture of the storm's aftermath.

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8: Witness the catastrophic consequences of Tropical Storm Hilary as it struck Southern California. Videos depict flooded roads and abandoned cars, putting the storm's destructive power on display.

9: Southern California bore witness to the wrath of Tropical Storm Hilary, with roads submerged and cars left abandoned. These videos offer a glimpse into the destruction caused by this powerful storm.