1: "1. Ariana Grande - With a powerful voice and catchy pop hits, Ariana Grande has taken the music industry by storm."

2: "2. Billie Eilish - Known for her unique style and haunting melodies, Billie Eilish captivates audiences with her raw talent."

3: "3. Selena Gomez - From her Disney days to chart-topping hits, Selena Gomez has evolved into a multi-talented artist."

4: "4. Rihanna - With her incredible versatility and bold persona, Rihanna has become a global music icon."

5: "5. Adele - Renowned for her soulful ballads and incredible vocal range, Adele touches hearts with her emotional lyrics."

6: "6. Katy Perry - With her catchy anthems and vibrant persona, Katy Perry continues to dominate the pop music scene."

7: "7. Halsey - Halsey's powerful vocals and honest songwriting make her a force to be reckoned with in the music industry."

8: "8. Dua Lipa - Known for her infectious energy and catchy tunes, Dua Lipa has quickly risen to stardom in recent years."

9: "9. Demi Lovato - With her incredible vocal ability and inspiring journey, Demi Lovato's music resonates with millions worldwide." Please note that the word count has been adjusted for each page to meet the requirement of maximum 35 words per page.