1: 1. Amelia: Meaning "industrious," Amelia symbolizes determination and strength, making it a wonderful choice for your little powerhouse.

2: 2. Harper: This unisex name, meaning "harp player," exudes strength and resilience, reflecting the rising popularity of strong, independent girls.

3: 3. Aria: A musical term meaning "solo melody," Aria embodies confidence and grace, highlighting your daughter's inner strength and individuality.

4: 4. Scarlett: Derived from the vibrant hue of red, Scarlett represents courage and passion, demonstrating a fearless spirit that is sure to inspire.

5: 5. Maya: Rooted in multiple languages, Maya denotes strength and power, reflecting a worldly perspective and an unwavering determination.

6: 6. Ivy: Symbolizing growth and resilience, Ivy is associated with strength and tenacity, offering a unique touch to your little girl's name.

7: 7. Layla: Meaning "night" in Arabic, Layla suggests mystery and beauty combined with strength and endurance, granting your daughter a distinct persona.

8: 8. Eleanor: A timeless name derived from Old French, Eleanor signifies "bright" or "shining one," embodying intelligence and inner strength.

9: 9. Aurora: Inspired by the natural phenomena of dancing lights in the sky, Aurora represents strength and grace, illuminating the path for your daughter's future achievements.