1: Olivia Dunne showcases her brilliance, matching a season-high mark on the floor routine, as the LSU gymnastics team soars to a program-record score.

2: With grace and power, Olivia Dunne leaves spectators in awe as she attains her best floor routine of the season, contributing to LSU's record-breaking performance.

3: Witnessing an exceptional showcase by Olivia Dunne, LSU gymnastics achieves an unprecedented program-record score, fueled by her remarkable floor routine.

4: Olivia Dunne shines bright with a high-scoring floor routine, propelling LSU gymnastics to a groundbreaking program-record score that will go down in history.

5: LSU Tigers reach new heights as Olivia Dunne displays her skills, matching her season's best in a captivating floor routine, contributing to the team's record-breaking score.

6: Delivering a breathtaking performance, Olivia Dunne adds a stellar floor routine to LSU's historic gymnastics triumph, establishing a program-record score.

7: Olivia Dunne's exceptional floor routine elevates the LSU gymnastics team to new horizons, resulting in an unparalleled program-record score that will be etched in memory.

8: With remarkable finesse, Olivia Dunne replicates her season high on the floor routine, leading LSU gymnastics to a phenomenal program-record score.

9: Witness Olivia Dunne's extraordinary talent as she matches her season's best on the floor routine, contributing to LSU's legendary program-record score, an achievement for the ages.