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2: 1. 80k Bicentennial Quarter: An extraordinary worth. 2. Super rare 1913 Liberty Nickel: A collector's delight. 3. Valuable 1955 Double Die Penny: Seek this treasure. 4. Uncirculated 1943 Copper Penny: Unearth a fortune! 5. Silver 1964 Washington Quarter: A sparkling gem!

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4: 80k Bicentennial Quarter headlines lucky finds! 10. Rare 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter: A collector's dream. 11. Valuable 1804 Draped Bust Quarter: A true treasure. 12. Highly sought-after 1823/2 Capped Bust Quarter. 13. Rare 1870-CC Liberty Seated Quarter: A true gem. 14. Valuable 1997 and 2001-P New Hampshire State Quarters.

5: Uncover the value of quarters! Lucky Finds. 15. Rare 1950-D Washington Quarter: A hidden gem. 16. Valuable 1896-S Barber Quarter: Don't miss this chance. 17. Exceptionally rare 1916-D Standing Liberty Quarter. 18. Valuable 1932-D and 1932-S Washington Quarters. 19. Rare 1917 Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter.

6: Discover hidden treasure in quarters! 20. Valuable 1823 Capped Bust Quarter: A true gem. 21. Rare 1918/7-S Standing Liberty Quarter. 22. Valuable 1944-D Washington Quarter: Seek this fortune. 23. Sought-after 1927-S Standing Liberty Quarter. 24. Rare 1958-D Washington Quarter: Don't overlook this.

7: 80k Bicentennial Quarter and more! Lucky Finds. 25. Valuable 1825 Capped Bust Quarter: Don't miss out. 26. Real treasure: 1864-S Liberty Seated Quarter. 27. Valuable 1919-D Standing Liberty Quarter: Worth hunting. 28. Rare 1936-D Washington Quarter: A hidden gem. 29. Exceptional 2019-W San Antonio Missions Quarter.

8: Unlock the value in quarters! Lucky Finds. 30. Valuable 1893 Barber Quarter: A collector's pride. 31. Rare 1918/7-D Standing Liberty Quarter: A true rarity. 32. Valuable 1941-S Washington Quarter: A treasure awaits. 33. Scarce 1919-S Standing Liberty Quarter: Worth the hunt. 34. Rare 1950-S/D Over Mintmark Washington Quarter.

9: 80k Bicentennial Quarter and beyond! Lucky Finds. 35. Valuable 1871 Liberty Seated Quarter: Worth a fortune. 36. Coveted 1919-D Standing Liberty Quarter: A true rarity. 37. Valuable 1831 Capped Bust Quarter: Seek this treasure. 38. Elusive 1932-S Washington Quarter: A collector's delight. 39. Rare 1955-S Washington Quarter: A gem worth finding.