1: Kelly Clarkson Excited to Guest Judge American Idol's beloved winner, Kelly Clarkson, is set to guest judge on AGT, stepping in for Simon Cowell during his back surgery recovery.

2: AGT Welcomes Kelly Clarkson as Judge Renowned singer-songwriter, Kelly Clarkson, brings her expertise to the AGT judges' panel, offering her unique perspective while Simon Cowell recuperates.

3: Kelly Clarkson Steps in for Simon Cowell In a temporary role, Kelly Clarkson joins AGT as a guest judge, filling Simon Cowell's shoes while he heals from back surgery. Exciting times ahead!

4: AGT Receives Star Power with Kelly Clarkson Superstar sensation Kelly Clarkson lends her talent and experience to AGT as a guest judge, contributing her incredible insights during Simon Cowell's absence.

5: Kelly Clarkson Brings a Fresh Voice to AGT Chart-topping phenom Kelly Clarkson adds her voice to the AGT judging panel, bringing a fresh perspective and filling the void left by Simon Cowell's recovery.

6: AGT Thrilled to Have Kelly Clarkson as Judge AGT welcomes Grammy-winning artist Kelly Clarkson as a guest judge, ensuring the show maintains its high entertainment value while Simon Cowell recuperates.

7: Kelly Clarkson Joins AGT During Cowell's Absence As Simon Cowell recovers from back surgery, AGT gains a multi-talented judge in Kelly Clarkson, intensifying the competition and delivering extraordinary performances.

8: AGT Enlists Kelly Clarkson's Expertise Kelly Clarkson's indisputable talent and industry know-how rival AGT's best acts, making her the perfect guest judge during Simon Cowell's time in recovery.

9: Kelly Clarkson Impresses as AGT Guest Judge Grammy-winning powerhouse Kelly Clarkson showcases her superb judgment on AGT, lighting up the stage while Simon Cowell mends, captivating audiences worldwide.