1: Did you know? Eight rare dimes and one bicentennial quarter, each valued at a staggering $70 million, are still out there in circulation.

2: These rare dimes and quarter were minted decades ago, making their existence even more exceptional. Learn more about these extraordinary coins below.

3: 1. The 1916-D Mercury dime is one of the rarest dimes, with only nine known to exist. Its value exceeds $70 million, making it a true collector's dream.

4: 2. The 1894-S Barber dime, another rare gem, has only 24 confirmed specimens. Its uniqueness and historical significance contribute to its exorbitant value.

5: 3. A key date among the rare dimes is the 1874-CC Liberty Seated dime. With only 10 pieces accounted for, it ranks high in desirability and worth.

6: 4. The Liberty Seated dime minted in 1871-CC is equally rare, with an estimated value of $70 million. Its captivating design adds to its allure.

7: 5. The 1873-CC No Arrows Seated dime is notable for its limited mintage and distinctive features. Holding one of these could potentially change your life.

8: 6. Moving to the bicentennial quarter, the 1976-S clad proof quarter, valued at an astounding $70 million, holds the title for the most expensive quarter to date.

9: 7. Lastly, the 1974-D aluminum Lincoln cent – an experimental piece – turned out to be highly valuable, especially given its unique composition.