1: David Walliams' Shocking Ultimatum - Britains Got Talent is left hanging as David Walliams threatens to quit if Piers Morgan fills Simon Cowell's shoes. Drama unfolds!

2: Unprecedented Drama Unveiled - David Walliams' bold move to leave Britains Got Talent in jeopardy if Piers Morgan takes over from Simon Cowell has stunned fans worldwide.

3: David Walliams Drops the Bombshell - With Simon Cowell's potential replacement becoming a hot topic, Walliams shocks everyone by refusing to continue on Britains Got Talent!

4: The Battle for Simon Cowell's Successor - David Walliams threatens to abandon Britains Got Talent unless Piers Morgan's entrance is stopped, causing an intense struggle for the new judge.

5: The Future of Britains Got Talent is at Stake - Walliams' ultimatum to quit the show if Piers Morgan replaces Simon Cowell sends shockwaves through the entertainment industry and fans alike.

6: Walliams vs. Morgan: A Showdown Erupts - As tension escalates, uncertain consequences loom over Britains Got Talent, where David Walliams and Piers Morgan face off in a battle for supremacy.

7: Britains Got Talent in Turmoil - David Walliams' threat to quit if Simon Cowell is replaced by Piers Morgan plunges the beloved show into chaos and unsettles its devoted viewers.

8: A Divided Fanbase - The possibility of Piers Morgan joining Britains Got Talent creates a rift, with fans torn between their loyalty to David Walliams and intrigue for Morgan's inclusion.

9: A Resolute David Walliams - Amidst mounting pressure, Walliams remains steadfast, asserting his commitment to Britains Got Talent by threatening to walk away should Morgan assume Cowell's position.