1: 1. Prepare your pup! Ensure your dog can swim comfortably by introducing them to water early on.

2: 2. Check the water quality and temperature before allowing your furry friend to dive in.

3: 3. Invest in a canine life jacket for added safety during water playtime or swimming.

4: 4. Supervise your dog at all times and avoid letting them swim in unfamiliar or fast-moving waters.

5: 5. Keep your pup hydrated! Offer fresh water before and after swimming sessions.

6: 6. Rinse your dog thoroughly after swimming to remove chemicals, salt, or bacteria from their coat.

7: 7. Avoid excessive sun exposure and apply dog-friendly sunscreen to prevent skin damage.

8: 8. Train your dog to enter and exit the water safely using designated areas or ramps.

9: 9. Be cautious of currents, tides, or undertows that can pose risks to your dog's safety. Stay informed and swim together responsibly!