1: 1. Most Olympic Gold: Simone Biles holds the record for the most Olympic gold medals won by a gymnast, an awe-inspiring achievement.

2: 2. Five World All-Around Titles: With an incredible five world all-around titles, Biles proved her dominance in the gymnastics world.

3: 3. Most Medals at a Single World Championship: Biles shattered records by winning the most medals at a single World Championship - a remarkable feat.

4: 4. Unparalleled Difficulty: Biles introduced unprecedented difficulty into gymnastics routines, pushing the sport to new heights.

5: 5. Most Decorated American Gymnast: Simone Biles surpasses all other American gymnasts, becoming the most decorated in history.

6: 6. Most World Championship Gold Medals: Biles secured the most gold medals at the World Championships, leaving a lasting legacy.

7: 7. Innovative Skills: Biles invented groundbreaking moves, like the Biles on the vault, raising the bar for future gymnasts.

8: 8. Second Triple-Double: Simone Biles became the first female gymnast to successfully land a triple-double in competition - an astonishing accomplishment.

9: 9. Dominance Continues: With her incredible records, Biles has solidified her status as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time.