1: Simone Biles, a true legend, has amazed the world with her undeniable talent and unwavering determination. Discover 7 incredible facts about this iconic gymnast.

2: Fact #1: Simone Biles has won a total of 19 World Championship medals, making her the most decorated gymnast in history. Her records speak volumes of her exceptional skills.

3: Fact #2: Biles is known for her fearless and groundbreaking moves; she has four skills named after her in gymnastics. This is a testament to her innovation and impact on the sport.

4: Fact #3: Unlike many gymnasts who retire in their early twenties, Biles excels with age. At 24, she continues to push boundaries, proving that age is just a number in pursuit of greatness.

5: Fact #4: Simone Biles is an advocate for mental health. Her openness about mental well-being has sparked a vital conversation, reminding us that even the strongest need support.

6: Fact #5: Biles has achieved the "Grand Slam" of gymnastics, winning four consecutive all-around titles at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships, further solidifying her legacy as a true legend.

7: Fact #6: Her unmatched skills have led to a move named after her, "The Biles." This jaw-dropping double-double dismount on the balance beam showcases her exceptional athleticism.

8: Fact #7: Biles is not only a phenomenal athlete but also an inspiration to many. Her resilience and determination inspire young gymnasts worldwide to dream big and reach for the stars.

9: In conclusion, Simone Biles is more than just a legend; she's a force in the gymnastics world. Her unparalleled achievements and unwavering spirit continue to captivate and inspire, solidifying her well-deserved status as an icon.