1: Meet Edge, a WWE legend who entertained both in the ring and on campus. Enjoy his side-splitting college pranks, revealed exclusively here!

2: Edge's Mischievous Beginnings

2: Learn how Edge's pranks in college started small, often involving playful tricks that brought laughter and harmless mischief to his classmates.

3: Legendary Freshman Shenanigans

3: Discover how Edge's ingenious pranks during his freshman year became the stuff of legends among his peers. Laughs guaranteed!

4: The Epic Dormitory Hoaxes

4: Dive into the hilarious world of Edge's notorious dormitory pranks, showcasing his creativity in turning everyday objects into sources of laughter.

5: Edge and the Great Rivalry

5: Uncover the intense rivalry between Edge and a college mate that led to epic pranks—a tale of one-upmanship that will leave you in stitches.