1: Whip up a delectable lemon pound cake in no time with these 5 expert hacks!

2: Shortcut your baking time with pre-zested lemons for that tangy citrus flavor.

3: Use lemon extract for an extra burst of lemony goodness in every bite.

4: Add lemon zest to your batter for a delightful texture and refreshing aroma.

5: Replace butter with Greek yogurt for a lighter, healthier twist on the classic recipe.

6: Substitute some flour with lemon pudding mix for a moist and lemony pound cake.

7: In a hurry? Try a store-bought pound cake mix and infuse it with lemon juice.

8: Experiment with different glazes - a lemon juice and powdered sugar combination can't go wrong!

9: Slice and freeze extra pound cake for a sweet treat on busy days - just thaw and enjoy!