1: 1. Resilience: Simone Biles' journey teaches us the importance of bouncing back stronger when faced with challenges. Her resilience is a lesson in greatness.

2: 2. Perseverance: Biles' relentless determination to achieve greatness inspires us to keep pushing forward, no matter what obstacles we encounter.

3: 3. Mental strength: Simone's unwavering focus and mental fortitude demonstrate that greatness is not only physical but also relies on a strong mindset.

4: 4. Fearlessness: Biles' ability to conquer her fears and take risks serves as a reminder that stepping outside our comfort zones is crucial for personal growth.

5: 5. Superior skills: From her gravity-defying flips to intricate routines, Simone undeniably showcases the power of honing one's craft to achieve greatness.

6: 6. Dedication: Biles' unwavering commitment to her sport emphasizes that true greatness requires consistent dedication and a strong work ethic.

7: 7. Teamwork: Simone's success highlights the importance of collaboration and support from coaches, teammates, and loved ones along the path to greatness.

8: 8. Overcoming adversity: Biles' ability to triumph over setbacks teaches us that adversity is merely an opportunity to grow and prove our strength.

9: 9. Inspiring the next generation: Through her awe-inspiring journey, Simone Biles inspires young athletes to follow their dreams and strive for greatness.