1: Hulk Hogan's Birth: Iconic Celebrations Join us on a journey to discover the most memorable birthdays of one of WWE's biggest legends, Hulk Hogan. Step inside Hogan's Bash!

2: The Early Years: Hulk Hogan's Rockin' Bash Explore the early days of Hulk Hogan's career and witness incredible birthday parties filled with rockin' energy and superstar surprises.

3: Flag-Waving Festivity: Hulk Hogan's Patriotic Party Celebrate Hulk Hogan's birthday with a bang as he hosts a star-spangled extravaganza, embracing his American pride like never before.

4: Hogan's Hollywood Hoorah: A Birthday Spectacle Discover how Hulk Hogan transformed his birthday bashes into blockbuster events, featuring Hollywood A-listers and stunning stunts.

5: Wild Wrestling Wonderland: Hulk Hogan's Arena Bash Step into the wrestling ring to witness Hulk Hogan's birthday extravaganzas, where epic battles and jaw-dropping surprises take center stage.

6: Family Fun: Hulk Hogan's Birthday Bonanza Explore the heartwarming side of Hogan's birthdays, where family and friends come together for unforgettable moments and joyous celebrations.

7: Charity Champions: Hulk Hogan's Giving Bash Learn how Hulk Hogan used his birthdays to give back, raising funds and awareness for various charitable causes close to his heart.

8: The Ultimate Fan Experience: Hogan's Fanatical Fête Immerse yourself in the world of Hulkamania as we unveil the incredible fan-filled celebrations that honor the iconic WWE superstar's special day.

9: Legacy of Celebration: Hulk Hogan's Enduring Bash Discover how Hulk Hogan's birthday celebrations have left an indelible mark on WWE history, forever etching his name among the legends.